Freshman Days

Dear freshmen, we warmly welcome you to your new university! We wish you a successful start to your studies and a wonderful time at the HTWK and in Leipzig.

Before your semester really starts, we would like to provide you with important information today. The StuRa and the student councils are trying to make it easier for you to start your studies with the program for the freshers' days.

You can find many more tips and contact points on our website. If you have any questions or problems and don't know what to do - we're always there for you! Just write to us. We look forward to you!

About the StuRa

We are the elected members of the current StuRa plenum. We discuss and decide almost everything that affects you as a student at HTWK Leipzig.

If the door to our office in the Geutebrück building (room G101) can be opened, you can simply come in. There is definitely someone there for you during our office hours. Or just send us an email to sprecherinnen (at)

Further Information

About the student councils

The student councils are the student representatives at the faculties of the HTWK Leipzig. They are involved in various committees and are always available as contact persons if you have any problems or questions.

Visit your fellow students in the Fachschaftsrat (short: FSR) in the office or have a look at the FSR website or the social media channels.

All Information about the student councils