The Senate is one of the central bodies of the university. Its tasks include inter-faculty fundamental decisions, resolutions on university regulations and statements on a number of elections. Further information and tasks can be found in § 85 SächsHSG . The currently elected members can be viewed here .

Christian Franz (F ING), Fanny Leona Braun (F AS) and Julian Schiebener (F IM) were elected as representatives of the student body.

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Extended Senate

The Extended Senate is also one of the central bodies of the university. This is made up of the members of the Senate and the same number of elected representatives - i.e. another three students, three employees and seven professors. The Extended Senate is responsible for passing resolutions and changing the basic rules of the HTWK Leipzig and for the election and deselection of the rector. The currently elected members can be viewed here .

Emma Lose (F IM), Christoph Schnell (F IM) and Michel Manthey (F WW) were elected as representatives of the student body.

Conference of Saxon Student Unions (KSS)

The student councils of all Saxon universities come together to form the Conference of Saxon Student Unions (KSS). The KSS thus represents more than 100,000 students.
The decision-making body of the KSS is the State Spokesperson Council (LSR). The delegates of the Saxon student councils meet there at least once a month.

The StuRa is currently represented by Emma Lose (F IM) and Michel Manthey (F WW).

The KSS website provides further information.

QM conference

QM stands for quality management. The QM conference set up by the rectorate is made up of members of the university management, all QM officers, the QM staff unit and representatives of the student council. This committee meets once a semester to exchange information and to discuss further steps in QM.

The StuRa usually sends the department for teaching and studies  as a representative to the QM conference.

Further information on quality management at HTWK Leipzig.

Semester Ticket Committee

The semester ticket committee (STA) of the Studentenwerk is responsible for all matters relating to the semester ticket. This also decides on the use of the mobility fund, into which every student pays €1.50 per semester with their semester fee.

The StuRa sends the Department of Ecology and Transport as a representative in the STA.

You can find more information about the STA and the semester ticket in general on the Studentenwerk website .