Voting members

Each FachschaftsRat elects two students to represent them in the StudentenRat. With currently six faculties at HTWK Leipzig, the StuRa consists of 12 voting members. The 12 members as a body make all decisions, which are also binding for the FachschaftsRäte with a two-thirds majority. A „compulsory task" for them is participation in the meetings of the StuRa and the associated preparation for the meetings. At the StuRa meetings, the student representatives of all faculties exchange information on current topics, discuss various applications and decide on financial support.

The spokespersons and speakers of the various departments have no voting rights and are non-voting members.

In the current legislative period, the Student Council consists of the following voting members. Their term of office begins on April 1st and ends on March 31st of the following year.

StudierendenRat der HTWK Leipzig
Room G101a
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 132
04277 Leipzig

Emma Lose
Michel Manthey

Telephone: 0341 3076 - 6245
E-mail: sprecherinnen (at)

Voting members

Term of office April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024


Student council for Architecture and Social Sciences

Full representativesDeputies
Fanny Leona BraunLisa-Marie Teufel
Lena EndersQassem Alhomayyer

Student council for Civil Engineering

Full representativesDeputies
Florian ChemnitzJasmin Morgenstern

Student council for Digital Transformation

Laurin BischoffBruno Dingethal
Marvin DeußenNiels Häußler

Student council for Computer Science and Media

Full representativesDeputies
Maja SchmatzJasmin Endter
Sarah GungadinClara Vortheil

Student council für Engineering

Full representativesDeputies
Anna NeuhausFalk Schmechta
Jonathan BlänsdorfDános Maria Eber Dick

Student council for Business Administration and Industrial Engineering

Full representativesDeputies
Amelie ForsterRichard Hoffmann
Anne RübeWilliam Krause