The Student Council has up to three spokespersons, which are elected by the StuRa. Their task is to manage the StuRa office, coordinate the work of the departments, committees and working groups and implement the decisions of the student council. They are the contact persons for all students and represent the Student Council towards the university management and third parties.


Emma Lose

I'm Emma Lose and I've been studying packaging technology and sustainability (BEng) at the HTWK Leipzig since 2020. During my last term in office, I started working in student self-government as a financier in the IM student council. Since April 1, 2023, I have been the new spokeswoman in the StuRa and therefore your contact person for questions about student life at the university. My project goals, in addition to taking care of day-to-day business, are the creation of an advisory card with various contacts for typical questions from students and the "revival" of the semester planner for October 2023.


Michel Manthey

Hello dear students,

my name is Michel and I'm studying business administration. I've been involved in the Student Council for the third semester. Since April 2022 I have also been the spokesman for the StuRa and therefore your contact person in all matters, especially student-related.

If you want to discuss anything, just come to our office on G101, you can always find me there or write me an e-mail.