University Policy

How is our university developing and how can we best influence it? The department informs us about this and tries, according to our interests, to influence political decisions from university to state level.

What is university policy?

Higher education policy can roughly be derived from education policy. However, it is broken down and thus usually only refers to the university.

The university policy department represents the interests of students in relation to the university and the Free State of Saxony, in particular the State Ministry for Science and Art (SMWK). Internally, the department pays attention to a democratic university that also lives by legal co-determination in the committees. The Saxon Higher Education Freedom Act (SächsHSFG for short) provides the necessary regulations for this.

The ultimate goal should be equal representation in all committees, which is only sporadically provided for in the SächsHSFG. The department fights for free studies in Saxony. However, freedom from fees does not only mean: no tuition fees for the first degree. It also calls for the abolition of long-term and second degree fees as well as any administrative fees, as these are to be regarded as hidden tuition fees. Topics such as study reform, university development planning, accreditation of courses and co-determination in educational policy issues are also among the core tasks of the university policy department.